Autumn Pumpkin Picket Sign from Reclaimed Fence Board

Well, it is officially Fall, that’s right Pumpkin Spice season has begun. The nights are definitely getting cooler here, and it is time to get the front porch decorated for Autumn. I found some old fence pickets in my garage and decided one would be perfect for one of the tall board signs that are so popular right now.

The bottom of the board was very jagged and worn so I cut it so it was even. I then gave the board a light sanding to get the worst of the dirt off of it and wiped it down. Then I grabbed a bottle of orange acrylic paint and a cheap brush and got to work. I put one coat of paint on the front, top, and sides of the picket and let that dry.


I then gave it another sanding so that the orange paint would appear worn and weathered as well we the wood, and give the appearance it has been there for a while.

While the paint was drying I headed to my Silhouette Cameo 3 and cut out some letters using some shelf paper I picked up at the Dollar Tree. You can use stencil adhesive, vinyl, or whatever you would like to make your stencils, but this stuff is cheap and it works.

If you don’t have a cutting machine you can still make stencils out of shelf liner by printing out your letters on your printer and tracing them onto the shelf liner. I will link the instructional video on this method **here**. Once you have them traced you can carefully cut them out and use them. You just want to be mindful that you don’t want to throw out the centers of any letters you need to place on the board.

Now that the paint has dried and my stencils are cut, I measuring tape and mark several places down the center of my board using a chalk pencil. After I have done that I draw a line down the center of the board using the chalk pencil in order to give myself a center reference point so I can get my letters centered easily. If I don’t do this my letters will be all over the place and not in a straight line. Trust me.

Once I have the letter stencils laid out it is time to start working some magic. You will need some Mod Podge for this step. Now you want to lightly coat the stencils around the edges of the letters and let it dry. The reason for this is simple. If you don’t do this your letters will bleed when you paint them. If you do this, they will (mostly) not. I do this no matter what item I am painting a stencil on because it works magic.

Once the Mod Podge is dry, which won’t take terribly long as long as you have used a light coating it is time to paint. If you are not sure if the Mod Podge is dry, just look at it. It is white when it goes on, but is clear when it is dry. Now that we have that “cleared up” (bad pun, I know) grab your paint and brush and get ready for some real fun.

Using a light hand, dry brush the white paint over the stencils moving from top to bottom. You can go back over the stencils to add more paint, as I did, but you cannot take off to much and achieve a neat look. Once you have the coverage you want it is time to pull off the stencils. No need to wait for the paint to dry, just gently pull off. This is the part I love the most. It goes from being a messy looking orange board to a gorgeous sign in seconds!

This project is so much fun, I will be making similar decor for other holidays!

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