Billy Joel Lyric Plaque made from a $2 Cabinet Door DIY

finished plaque

Recently we have been thinking about redecorating our bedroom but had been putting it off because of the cost. Then I was invited to take part in a blog challenge that requires you to pick a room and redecorate it for $500 or less, and include at least 5 DIY items. Needless to say, we were up for that as $500 is affordable for us, and the do it yourself aspect is right up my alley.

We picked out the paint colors and general theme pretty quickly but we are in serious need of decor to match what we have in mind. On a recent trip to Restore I picked up several items, some of which were cabinet doors.

$2 Cabinet door from Restore

The doors were brand new with no holes or marks of any kind on them. They were only $2.00 each! I knew right away one of them would be perfect to make some wall decor, and right away my mind went to Billy Joel lyrics. Why? Because we were listening to him at the time we were talking about it, and the song was an easy choice as well. “Just the Way you Are” was one of our wedding songs, and holds special meaning for us.

Supplies for Lyric Plaque

Prepping the Cabinet Door

The first thing I did was to clean the cabinet door. First I used some Goo Gone to get rid of all the adhesive that is sticking to the door itself. Once I had that off I used some TSP substitute to give the door a good cleaning.

Now that the door is clean it is time to sand it down in order to get she finish off and give the paint a good surface to adhere to. After a few minutes with a sanding block and a good wipe down the cabinet door was ready for paint.

The first thing I did was to apply Waverly Chalk Paint to the inside panel of the door. I ended up using three coats of paint and lightly sanded it down one it was completely dry to be sure I had a nice smooth surface.

rose gold metallic paint

Next, it was time to apply the Rose Gold metallic paint to the outer part of the cabinet door. This took four coats of paint. It is a much thinner paint than the chalk paint, but the finish came out beautifully.

Adding the Lyrics

I used my Silhouette Cameo 4 to cut out the lyrics from black matte vinyl as well as the autograph which I found an image of online. I used the trace function to make the autograph cut and then merged the image with the text layout of the lyrics. Then it was simply a matter of putting it under the lyrics at a slight angle.

adding the verse 1

After I cut the wording and weeded it (it took forever) I laid a piece of transfer tape over the verse and made sure it was well-adhered to the vinyl lettering. then I turned the verse upside down and slowly pulled the backing off, bending the backing back over itself as I pulled. Once the backing was off it was time to lay it over the board, making sure the vinyl did not touch the surface until I had it centered.

Once I had it laid down where I wanted it I took a scraper tool and made sure they vinyl lettering was well-adhered to the board, then I carefully pulled the transfer tape off, again bending it back over itself and pulling slowly until it had released all the lettering.

taking off the transfer tape

Adding the Hanging Hardware

Now that the front of the picture is done it is time to finish the back. I simply added a large Sawtooth Hanger on the center of the upper back of the cabinet door. Installing these types of hangers is simple. All you have to do is gently hammer both ends into the wood.

Once I had the hanger in I added a felt bumper to the bottom corner of each side to protect the wall from being scratched by the door. Now the plaque is ready to hang.

finished plaque

It came out perfectly and we love it. I can’t wait to get the room finished so we can see it in its final space. In the meantime, it will still be hung in our room so we can enjoy the memories and the feelings this special song has for us.

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