Dollar Tree Mirrors Transformed into Farmhouse Style Elegance

We’ve all seen them, those brassy looking cheap plastic mirrors at Dollar Tree. They have a nice shape but they are really…let’s face it…ugly. I finally picked some up the other day because I was attracted to the shape of them and figured I could do something with them, and if not I was only out 3 bucks, so why not?

Once I got them home I let them sit for a while while I thought about how I wanted them to look. Finally, after a couple of weeks I decided to try some of the chalk paint and wax I had bought but never used on them. They were a perfect small starter project to play with the chalk paint and wax. Now it’s time for the fun to begin.

Supplies Needed

Painting mirror blue

I gave each mirror three coats of Chalk Paint using a different complimentary color on each, allowing the paint to dry in between coats. Okay, so I am impatient and helped it along using my handy dandy heat gun, but it did dry in between coats.

Once the paint was dry I got out my white wax. I coated each section of the mirror and then wiped off the wet wax, leaving it thicker in the crevices in order to give that aged, rich look of patina.

I absolutely loved how these mirrors came out! They will look just perfect on the stairwell when we put up our gallery wall there.

6 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Mirrors Transformed into Farmhouse Style Elegance

  1. I was so inspired by this I went right out and bought 3 myself this weekend! Do you think I could just use white chalkpaint or do you recommend only white wax?

    1. I would recommend the white wax over the chalk paint. The wax provides a protective finish as well as being a bit more translucent than the chalk paint. I have used the wipe-off method for paint over paint in the past but not with chalk paints so I am not sure what the end result would be. Personally, I think the wax is amazing and I use it all the time now.

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