Fly me to the Moon Wedding on Zero Budget

Planning a budget wedding

We got married!  Our ceremony/reception is in three weeks no less.  At this time of year with all the holidays coming up not to mention several birthdays and two full time + jobs between us we have neither time or a budget to plan anything elaborate, but our theme was a no-brainer.  “Fly me to the Moon”.  A classic Sinatra song that we love and is on our Evenings Chillin’ on the Patio playlist on Spotify.  It is a compilation of our favorite songs on one playlist.  No particular style of music, just enjoyable and fun for us to relax after a long day.

Planning  a Wedding on a Low Budget

We have our rings picked out, his white gold and mine sterling with white and blue sapphires as I am not a diamond fan… at all, and our venue (my Mom’s house, which was built for entertaining like none other).  We sent out our invitations via Facebook, email, phone calls, and text. Hey, give me a break, we only have three weeks to work with here.  My daughter and step-daughter came over last night and we had a blast finding ideas for theme decor.  Thank goodness for technology, or I doubt this would have been pulled off, as even the decor planning night utilized Pinterest and Google on a laptop, tablet, and phone between us.

We have sent out our wedding invitations via Facebook, text, email, and good old-fashioned phone calls.  Please don’t judge, we only gave ourselves a month from day one. Our wedding registry is on amazon.

This week I will be buying supplies we need to to make our decor during our all day crafting marathon next weekend and putting together what I can with the time and supplies I do have.  This is overwhelming to be sure but it’s how I do my best work.

My Mom and Aunt have stepped up and are doing most of the food, which we have decided will be Hors-d’oeuvres and desserts as it is an afternoon occasion. There will be wine, beer, punch, soft drinks, and juice for the kids.  How many guests will we have?  I have no clue as of yet and will have to keep close tabs on the guest count as it will likely change daily.  Our grandkids will all play some small part in the ceremony somehow.

What I have learned from planning a wedding that is quick and inexpensive is this:  any tradition is out the window. You need to embrace any and all technology to get things done and ask for all the help you can get, you will need it! Don’t get stressed.  There is no room for Bridezilla to make an appearance here.  It will not be perfect.  It will not be your dream wedding.  It will, however, be a lot of fun, and the memories are what’s important.  We fully intend on embracing our day, our family, and our friends with as little anxiety as possible.

One item we are purchasing online is this moon lamp:

We are getting the Moon Lamp from as well as a royal blue tablecloth for the buffet area.  On that, we will sprinkle some gold glitter moons and holographic star confetti.   For the moon lamp, I will be painting the stand either silver or black.  I haven’t decided that as of yet.  But the perfect decor for our “Fly me to the Moon” theme,  and a cute night light to remind us of our special day through the years.

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