Tiny Kitchen Organization

Tiny Kitchen Organization

I love cooking, baking, and entertaining, I just don’t have the kitchen space for it. Eric likes to help me out in the kitchen when we are getting ready for entertaining, whether a small get together with friends or a large party with all of our family over. The kitchen barely fits the two of us, and there is simply no room for clutter, but guess what… clutter happens, especially in small spaces.

Even if you have a tiny kitchen where there is barely enough room for one person (as is ours now) what comes out of the kitchen is just as important as always. Whether it’s a big meal for family and friends or a simple late-night snack, memories and food are still made in the kitchen.

My kitchen is small, very small. Eric and I have trouble getting anything done in there at the same time, which means making a meal together is a challenge, and storage? There is some, but not enough. Then again, there never seems to be enough. If we have space, we seem to want to fill it. How well we utilize that space though is another matter? How many chaotic, disorganized closets do you have in your home? I can honestly say all of them. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get organized, and I am starting with the heart of the home…my kitchen.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to get better organized, and my son bought me both of Marie Kondo’s books, “Spark Joy”, and “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” I have been taking notes, and while I have gotten rid of a few things in the kitchen, most of the information from those books will be used elsewhere as the kitchen is already pretty pared down.

Organizing Spices

I am starting with my spice cabinet, because, well, it is a hot mess. I like to cook. I use a lot of spices, and I use them a lot. But look at this chaos. I can’t find anything. I have spent good money on spices I already have because I couldn’t find them for a particular recipe. I jumped onto Amazon.com to find an answer and found these great door-mounted door organizers for spices or other small jars.

First I took everything out of the spice cabinet and wiped down the shelves, but that old shelf liner had to go. I grabbed my heat tool to warm the adhesive to make it easier to remove, but you can use a hairdryer as well. Once I had it all off I grabbed some liner I already had since I had not planned on this step, and I did not have enough to even do this cabinet. But I did use it on the shelves I can see and it gives is a much cleaner and fresher look. Once I had that done I went through all my spices and made sure they were still fresh and made a list on my Alexa app on my Kindle Fire, which I keep in the kitchen. I pull up all my recipes up on it and watch Netflix or AmazonPrime on while working in the kitchen. Plus, did you know it can act as an Alexa or Echo Show? The best part is I also have the app on my phone and my computer so I can always access my lists and I will know exactly what I have on hand. No more doubling up on herbs and spices.

Kitchen Pantry Organization

Pantry door before.

The kitchen pantry is a great addition to any kitchen if you are lucky enough to have one. While I have one it was definitely not being utilized to the fullest extent. I found this over the door organizer rack and installed it on the inside of the pantry door. I love that this has eight baskets and goes from the top of the door to the bottom. It holds so much that it really cleaned up the pantry. I also picked up these under-shelf hanging baskets to hold my aluminum foil, saran wrap, and this cleaned out the drawer I had them stored in. Another major organizational win!

Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

Let’s face it, under the kitchen sink is not a pretty place, no matter how you look at it. Some are downright gross. Mine has never had any water damage but things tend to get lost for years in the back of that dark cave. I took everything out and wiped it down, then I put down an absorbent mat on the bottom of the cabinet to prevent any possible damage in the case of a leak. I had also picked up a metal mesh double drawer unit to hold some of the bottles of cleaners and soaps that get stuck under the sink. Unfortunately, the drawer set did not fit, but they came apart easily and I used the top drawer under the sink. Lesson learned… always measure everything. No problem though, as I go through reorganizing my house the bottom drawer will be used as well. Two storage solutions, one purchase.

The last item I purchased to use under the sink is this double mesh basket for cupboard doors. It holds the small items I don’t want to be left out on the sink such as sink strainers and stoppers, sponges, and cleaning brushes that I use on my dishes. It works perfectly and no more lost smalls that I have to dig for. Now my under-sink cabinet is functional, neat, and organized.

Refrigerator Organization

A few other things I bought on my Kitchen organization quest are these Soda Can Dispensers for my fridge. They each hold 12 cans of soda. You load them from the top and they dispense the cold sodas from the bottom, making it easy to always have cold soda within easy reach.

I lined my refrigerator shelves with this removable shelf liner. This is not only pretty but makes it so easy to clean up sticky messes and spills. You simply pull them out, wipe them down, and replace them. No more leaving your refrigerator door open while you are trying to clean up that sticky mess from the shelf itself.

The last thing I did was to take a shallow plastic basket similar to these that I had on hand and slid it under the hanging drawer that came with the fridge. That shallow space underneath was all but unusable on a daily basis, but this basket was a great solution for smaller items.

The last thing I bought was a pot lid holder which, again simply screws into the inside of my cabinet door. I was ridiculously excited about this thing. On Pinterest, I had seen people using adhesive hooks to hold pan lids to the cabinet doors and tried that… it did not work for long. It also only allowed me to put up three lids on the cabinet door. This holds six lids and now they don’t get lost in the back of the cabinet anymore.

Pot Lid Holder

I would really like to repaint my kitchen cabinets as they are 40 years old and are definitely showing their wear. This became especially apparent after the pics for this post were taken. That, however, is another project for another day.

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