Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments

grape and wreath Wine cork ornaments

Wine Cork ornaments. Did someone say wine?  Yes please, I love me some wine! I am a Wine~o from way back.  My father taught me to appreciate a good Cabernet Sauvignon,  and I do to this day.  I don’t fork over the money for the expensive stuff, but I love most wines, except for the really sweet ones. Oliver Soft Red lovers, please don’t hold this against me.  I love visiting the Oliver Winery and buying some of their other lines.  Hmm… Maybe another road trip in my future?  But that is for the summer, and next month I will be heading out to some regional Christmas Shops and picking up some things, and lots of ideas.  At this point, I am halfway through my list of 50 Christmas Crafts for next year.

Wine cork wreath ornament
Wine cork wreath ornament

These adorable ornaments are made very inexpensively with just a few wine corks, hot glue, and a few embellishments I had laying around…well, not so much laying around as packed up with the Christmas decorations in the attic, which was very dusty and hot, but it is high time to get out the decorating supplies and get to work, so I braved that above ground cave system and got my supplies.  Then I happily indulged in my very own Christmas Craftmania.

Wine Cork Christmas Ornament Supplies

  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue
  • wine corks
  • copper sheet
  • Rub & Buff patina
  • silk flower
  • eye hooks

I have included a demonstration video above, which you may are more than welcome to like and subscribe to our channel, Dew and Daisies.  Please be kind as it is our very first video ever and we have a lot to learn about making them yet.  Tomorrow’s will be a bit better, I promise.

Wine cork grapes ornament
Wine cork grapes ornament

I demonstrated the wreath ornament in the video.  The bunch of grapes was made by randomly gluing the corks together in a pattern to mimic grapes.  I then used some copper foil to cut out a grape leaf pattern and embossed the veins on the leaves.  I then used a patina wax to age the copper. The stem is just rolled up copper foil.  You can make them out of cardstock, posterboard, chipboard, or silk leaves.  Use your imagination, there is no limit to what you can come up with.  I did use only real cork corks, and for the grapes, I used naturally dyed, by Cabernet, of course.  I am not sure how the synthetic ones would come out, but I do now I don’t like the way the look.

Oh, and don’t worry about those wine bottles… they will NOT go to waste.

Wine cork ornaments display
Wine cork ornaments display

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