Winter Snowflake Candles ~ Quick and Easy Christmas Decor

Blue Winter Candles

Howdy, all!   It has turned cold here in northern Indiana very suddenly and I am more than happy to be sitting indoors and working on my Christmas Crafting.  It is definitely another Pumpkin Spice Coffee day today, and after this, I have to go bring in some of my plants, I have to have fresh herbs throughout the winter, and put up the storm door for the winter.   I am not a winter girl at all.  I am a clutz in the best of circumstances but make it slippery and I spend more laying on the ground than walking it seems.  At least it’s not that cold yet, but the frost advisory tells me to get the tender plants in today.  It is a perfect time, however, to turn our attention to the upcoming winter season and celebrate the beauty of snow. To do that, we will be making some gorgeous winter themed candles. I have included a demonstration video below, as well as the instructions on how to make these.

Supplies for Winter Snowflake Candles

The first thing I did was measure out the ribbon to fit around the back of the candle with just a bit of overlap.  Cut the ribbon to size and center on the front of the candle.  Put a dab of glue to hold it in place and bring the ends around to the back and glue them together with the slight overlap.  If you’re not using hot glue, you may want a couple of rubber bands to hold this in place while it dries. When this is done and the glue dried, glue the larger of your snowflakes to the front center of the candle.  When this glue is dry, glue the smaller snowflake at an offset angle to the first to give it some interest.  When this is done and dry, glue the rhinestone directly into the center of the snowflakes.  Again, with hot glue, this is a very quick and easy decoration for the holidays, and make it your own with your own colors and ideas.

The third candle pictured I used three different kinds of glitter, Tree House Studios blue moon 1/24 and  Disco Jumbo glitter, 1/10, both from Hobby Lobby.  I also used Recollections extra fine glitter, in Glitz, which is available at Michaels.  I used Mod Podge (pictured below) and layered the glitter with coats of Mod Podge, allowing each layer to dry completely in between coats.  I then used the same snowflakes as above to tie the three together.   Again, with hot glue, this is a very quick and easy decoration for the holidays, and make it your own with your own colors and ideas.


Now as I look at these beauties I am feeling we need to go hunt up some silver candle holders for them.  I think that would make them an absolutely gorgeous part of our holiday display.  I may have to run this past Eric and get his thoughts.  He always has great ideas and decorating sense.

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